Nicaragua Tourism

The mission trip I went on last summer, had one devoted tourist day. We went between Granada and Managua.

Our day started off in Granada on a boat tour of Lake Nicaragua. This lake is the biggest in central america (South America? the whole western hemisphere? you get the point VERY big). It also is the only lake in the world with fresh water sharks.

The boat tour itself was interesting. You get to see a lot of islands, one that has monkeys, and if you’re lucky one will come on your boat.

image (13)

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this was a “friends and family” type place, because it doesn’t show up anywhere online. But honestly it was a pretty sketchy place anyways (lol our boat broke down like 20 times, no exaggeration).

Next we went to the market square in Granada. There are lots of vendor selling food and clothes. The market is right across from the Cathedral of Granada. You can tour the cathedral for $1 or 80 Cordoba. The cathedral has a tower you can go up for a birds eye view of the market and the lake. The stairs up to it are very sketchy and look unsafe, but the cathedral inside is beautiful even if you don’t go up all the way.

image (26)IMG_6306IMG_6303 The next place we went was to a market somewhere between Granada and Managua. It was super cool experience, very different from anything in the US. I bought a queen (ish) sized blanket for $20. The market had blankets, purses, wood carvings, pots and tons more.

image (16)Next we went to the Masaya volcano. This a national park I believe, and here you can go right onto the top of the volcano and see the lava! Seriously such a cool experience. This is definitely something I whip out to impress people all the time (lol! also holding a wild monkey that’s pretty cool too).

All in all definitely a very cool place to visit and that’s only what we did in one day. This country is so beautiful!! I highly recommend 🙂

Hannah xoxo