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Spring Cleaning

This is written by grandma, who is my absolute role model. She is a phenomenal women, who loves Jesus and all people around her. She recently gave me her laptop, which had this paper on it, and I was absolutely stunned by her beautiful words. I hope that my blog has helped at least one person, and they may just be me, but for today I’ll let her do the talking.

I’m one of those rare souls who likes to clean—not routine cleaning, but the ‘yearly’ type.

Come along with me.  We’re going to houseclean my upstairs hall which has a closet, a bookshelf, and a small antique school desk.  The ceiling is very high so the first thing we have to do is use the long ceiling duster to catch the cobwebs.  And, I ask:
“Lord, are there any cobwebs in my life, any places I’ve neglected that need my attention?”

Next I clean the ceiling fan.
“Lord, are there any areas in my life where I am going in circles, getting nowhere, and wasting your time?”

For the woodwork, I use a soapy, wet cloth.
“Lord, are there things in my life that need cleansing — perhaps, unconfessed sin?  Language, attitudes, motive, or impure thoughts that needs your forgiveness?”

Dusting is next.  As I wisk away the dust, I think:
“Lord, is there something in my life that I’m dealing with superficially, somewhere that I need to dig deeper – perhaps into God’s Word?  Maybe a situation where I’ve taken the first step and need to continue on?”

The bookshelf is next.  I love books and I love to read.  This is a fun job; so first I rearrange them.
“Lord, is there something in my life that needs rearranging — my priorities, my schedule?”

Next I decide which books I can part with. This is harder.
“Lord, what would you have me get rid of in my life — activities, reading material, time-wasters, clutter, sweets?  What would you have me replace these things with – prayer, service, time with family?”

Some of the books need repair.
“Lord, does something in my life need repair — a relationship perhaps?  Will I offer that apology or that word of encouragement?  Am I willing to make the first move?”

Now what to do with the books I don’t want.  With whom will I share?
“Lord, what else in my life do you want me to share — a gift, a talent, a meal, a letter, an email, a blanket, a smile?”

Now on to the closet!  I find a few surprises there.  Wow!  There is something I thought I had misplaced.
“Lord, what else have I misplaced — my trust, my faith, my hope?”

I arrange the boxes of photos, photo albums and movie reels and there is order.
“Lord, what in my life needs order — my days, my time, my household, that kitchen countertop, the junk drawer?”

I vacuum the carpet.  We’re done!  The hall is clean and I have a great deal to think about and a great God to help me.  I really do love spring cleaning.  It makes me feel lighter and freer…..well, and just a little bit achy!

Wow. Isn’t that incredible. I envy her simplistic and beautiful faith. Like I said she truly is my role model and inspiration. May you always share your light Grandma.

Hannah xoxo