The iconic Easter story. That story you’ve heard a thousand times in sunday school right? This rings true for me and I often forget how significant it is, and how many details I can translate into lessons for myself.

The story starts out in the Garden, a place where Jesus often went to pray. When Judas (the betrayer) brings the detachment of soldiers (this is a lot!!), he stays completely calm. How often does a stressful situation come into my life and I freak out, a lot! Jesus, being our perfect example, shows us how we should react when we are in hard times or when we are being persecuted for our faith.

Then comes Peter. Oh Peter he thought he was doing such a good thing. Peter takes a big swing at one of the guards who want to take Jesus (this swing was meant to cut off his head, luckily he only got the ear). Peter is probably thinking we can totally kill all these guys then Jesus won’t have to die. But Jesus knows what has to be done, he accepts his death because he knows how beneficial it will be for all people. As I was recently reading the Easter story from John, I can see so many opportunities for Jesus to get away. I mean his power knocked over all the soldiers, I’m pretty sure he could have just killed them all and ran away. But he didn’t He stayed.

Next comes Peter again (this really is not his night). Jesus tells Peter he will deny him three times before the next morning, and Peter scoffs at the thought. He would never deny his best friend/savior right? But sure enough Jesus is taken to the high priest and Peter is left alone outside. A SERVANT GIRL (who btw probably has seen Peter with Jesus already) asks Peter if he is one of Jesus’ disciples, and he denies it (Strike 1). Then as the night gets colder, Peter goes to a fire to warm himself. A man again asks him if he knows Jesus and Peter denies it (Strike 2). After he answers no, another man who was in the garden (AND LITERALLY SAW HIM WITH JESUS) confronts him like no you know him, and again Peter says he doesn’t know Jesus. Immediately the rooster crows. Just as Jesus said.

This really just shows how flawed and self-preserving us humans are. When have I denied my faith or denounced it so I would “fit in” or not be judged? This is not what we are called to do. We must live our faiths out boldly!

The next most important part if this story probably is when Jesus is put up on the cross, mocked and tortured. Again he could’ve just jumped down and not had to die, but he did. For every single person. Slowly the life was sucked from Jesus’ body and he joined his Father in heaven for 3 days, while his body lay in a tightly sealed tomb. On the 3rd day Jesus did the unthinkable, he rose from the dead. He defied death and the grave. He was our ultimate sacrifice, giving us all life and life eternal.

Jesus died for me. He died for you. This Easter take time to reflect on the gift Jesus gave each one of us. He gave his life, so we could keep ours, despite our flaws and lack of appreciation.

If this Easter you are not a believer, I hope and pray you see the beauty of this day. This is the day of remembering how Jesus saved the world. If you would like to receive God’s gift of eternal life all you have to do is believe. Believe the God is the savior of the world, and that he gave his life so we could keep ours. A great start would be reading the full
Easter story in Matthew 25-28.

What a beautiful blessing he has given us.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Hannah xoxo