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“Kisses from Katie”

I was first introduced to this book in 2014 on my first mission trip to Canada. The book is called “Kisses from Katie” and it’s by Katie Davis.

The story is based on Katie Davis, a popular Christian high-schooler who desired something more in life, and decided to serve abroad in Africa. After spending time there, she realized her true passion was serving in Africa. So instead of going to college she took a gap year to live in Africa. But one year wasn’t long enough. She had built her life in Africa and so she ended up staying and being a single mom to 16 adopted daughters.

This book chronicles her journeys and experiences in Africa, and how her faith has gotten her to where she is now. This is an incredible book for if you are heading out on a mission trip, I definitely saw myself in her story and it made me realize a life in mission work is hard work but is an incredible experience. And even if you’re not planning on a mission trip, I still encourage this book.

“Kisses from Katie” is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read, and I know my passion for missions and serving would not be the same with Katie’s words.

Here is the link for purchasing the book on amazon:

Thank you Katie Davis for your beautiful story and sharing how the Lord has worked through you.

Hannah xoxo