San Francisco

This spring break I went to San Francisco with my family. It was a super fun trip, and I must say we conquered pretty much everything to do in San Francisco, so now I’m pretty knowledgeable so here is a review of half of the activities we did:

Jelly Belly Factory

Ok this kind of doesn’t count because it’s not in San Francisco but if you’re in the area of Sacramento, this is definitely worth it. I mean who doesn’t want unlimited samples of jelly bellys?! This is a self guided tour and you get to see the whole process of making the candy, as well as seeing candy art. Overall, a fun experience for all ages.



We went to Alcatraz our first day. I must say this was kind of a bucket list item for me, so I was very excited. The first step is too get tickets, DO THIS EARLY! We were there on April 11th, and the earliest tickets were available for April 18th. This is such a fun place, with a personal headphone tour of the cells. It is expensive, but it’s totally worth it. It also may take you a while to go through, save at least 2 hours for the whole experience.


Ghirardelli Square

We all of Embarcadero street, which runs by the water and the piers. So after a long walk we ended up at Ghirardelli square. It is a cool place, but you only get 2 free pieces of chocolate and you don’t get to see it being made. So if 2 pieces of chocolate is enough to convince you, then it will be worth it. If you’re not a chocolate person, I won’t recommend this.


Pier 39

After talking with locals, we decided pier 39 is very touristy, but we still decided to go. It has lots of different shops and restaurants. If you enjoy shopping, this is totally for you. There also is a viewing area for sea lions, which was so fun to watch, how can you not love sea lions?! Overall, this was a fun thing to do, even if I didn’t buy anything.



Lombard street

This a super short little activity, but definitely worth it. It’s free and super fun to go down the crookedest road! We drove this road 2 or 3 times.


Coit tower

This is a sort of lookout tower, where you can see all of San Francisco. There is limited parking and you have to buy tickets, but it is a very cool experience. Try to hit it on a clear day so you can see more of the city. Definitely worth it!


Walt Disney family museum

As a very hardcore Disney fan, this was right up my alley. Me and my parents really enjoyed this museum and spent nearly 3 hours here, my younger brothers however were a little less entertained. There is a lot of reading and its definitely catered to older kids and adults. And although it’s expensive, it really is a fascinating place, I learned a lot. The whole museum tells the story of Walt Disney’s life and how the brand Disney came to be. It also has some pretty great views of the golden gate bridge!


So this is just the first 2 1/2 days of the trip, I have so much more, so look out for part 2! Hope this is helpful on a trip to San Francisco, it really is a very fun city to visit!

Hannah xoxo